Limerick Corner: Sussex Vampire

We have nothing recorded as from the Canon for this date, so I felt that a limerick for this story from the author of the source book I use for daily occurrences in the Cannon would fit in well here.

Richard Dempsey as Jack Ferguson (Granada, 1993)

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire

The Babe’s mother sucked blood from his neck,
Of her Husband it made quite a wreck.
Jacky poisoned the child,
So young Jack was exiled
To a whole year at sea, what the heck!

William S Dorn, BSI, DWNP

Just a random thought: How would a year at sea and before returning to the family have cured young Jacky of his hatred for his stepbrother? What would have cured him?

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  1. Great picture picture add on Selena. Where is the best address to reach you about the question of pictures? Thanks, Chips

  2. Hey Chips—-

    Perhaps he boy could have grown into a young man that experienced and appreciated the bigger world—beyond the limited view offered him in his fathers’s home.

  3. Puzzler,I like your suggestion.I would hope that happened.Thanks for answering.I like hearing others opinions.Happy Thanksgiving to You and your loved ones Margie and all the Other of us in our group.I like being here.We are good people.

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