From the Hall Stool: Weekly Forum

One of the most interesting things about Buttons’ job for the Good Doctor is sitting on the hall stool and observing the comings and goings.

Recently, we have had a lively discussion on the literary merits of Mr Mycroft. What Buttons observed was a number of very well-formed positions with ample textual evidence for an enjoyable and beneficial Forum. Just listening (with an aside or two), I learned a great deal about the Doctor’s intentions and the importance of Mr Holmes’ brother (who I think is involved more than we know).

Anyway, just sitting here day after day, it occurs to me that we could use the Doctor’s waiting room for a Weekly Forum.  There are no patients on Tuesday (the Doctor goes to the races on Tuesday) and we can arrange the chairs and have a group of people in to discuss various things about the Doctor’s stories, all done gracious-like and polite.  I spoke with the gov’nor and he said, “Go ahead. It might sell more books,” so Dr W has no objections; in fact, he said he would leave a note on his desk on Monday night with his suggestion for the Forum topic.  I’ll pin it up on the door and when you arrive you’ll be ready to join in on the discussion.

A Forum format rather than a debate allows us all the positive aspects of dialogue without the necessity of “winning” as in a debate format. The ancient Forum assured the integrity of intellectual honesty, the graciousness of polite discourse, the respect  for rhetorical arts, and the celebration of shared discoveries. 

If you are interested in being a part of the Weekly Forum, stop by on Tuesday at two o’clock in the afternoon, Eastern time.  If you wish to bring a pint and a pie, feel free to do so. You might want to bring an extra in case someone here might be hungry or thirsty. 

6 Replies to “From the Hall Stool: Weekly Forum”

  1. I agree! That sounds like a fantastic use of of a nice, empty room on a Tuesday afternoon. I look forward to seeing for what notes the good Doctor leaves for us!

  2. Dear Boy in Buttons (you sweetheart, if I may call you so, as I am old enough to be your grandmother),
    Please count me in as an attendee in the waiting room while the good doctor is out doing research on various human and biological conditions and probably some geological and botanical ones also. However, I cannot attend the Tuesday sessions until a very important event in my life has been completed which will take the entire month of August. I heard a little birdie (gull? curlew?) twitter that you may have something to do with this event. Anyway, I am prioritizing that event and, if I am out of Bedlam or Dartmoor in a timely way, I will join in as I can. Cheers, Daisy

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