Doctor Watson: By Phil Cornell

To All:

This drawing was done by a very talented artist from Australia named Phil Cornell. You may be familiar with his work from The Baker Street Journal and many other publications. I have copies of some more drawings of his I will send along.

I just received my society lapel/blouse pin for our group. It is quite impressive and well worth the money. I will be wearing it to all the Sherlockian functions in my area. If you have have not ordered yours yet, you should. You will like it.

All my best,

“Chips” aka Ron


2 Replies to “Doctor Watson: By Phil Cornell”

  1. Thanks, “Chips”. This drawing is about as close to the mental image of the good Doctor that I have had for 60 years. It is fascinating to see how the art of caricature can so accurately portray the literary image. What is Doctor Watson holding in his left hand?

  2. Buttons, Thanks for asking. I increased the picture size and found the item in his left hand is a box which has on it the description Eley’s #2. Phil loves to add so many minute details.

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