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“Geek Mom” Lisa Tate posted “Crafting the Detective: My History of ‘Sherlock’ Projects” over at GeekDad the other day, sharing some pretty nifty Sherlock-inspired craft projects she’s done.

I recently finished an especially Watsonian project myself, a pair of socks in a pattern inspired by the cabled jumper worn by Martin Freeman’s John Watson in the first season of BBC Sherlock.

The pattern is available (with some helpful tips for certain parts!) at Sherry Menton’s site, The Textured Knitter.

I’ve also tried my hand at some Sherlockian papercrafts, like the origami black lotus flower and Barachiki’s fancy paper snowflakes. (The original snowflake tutorial is gone from tumblr, but there’s a copy on here.)

Have you done any Holmesian or Watsonian craft projects? Have you seen some interesting projects from other fans?

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  1. Some years back, a local Sherlockian was selling a needlepoint kit of the head of Sherlock, all done in red, black, and white. I bought only the canvas and substituted my own colors, more realistic for the face, with a bargello background. It hangs in my den, and I’m both rather proud and rather fond of it.

      1. I also did a cross stitch piece with symbols of a number of the stories, surrounding a head of Holmes. The symbols were originally created by a woman in Florida whose name, alas, escapes me now.

        Things like this are fun to do and not really hard, just a bit time-consuming.

        1. Cross-stitch seems to go soooooooo slowly. I had a vague idea a while ago about doing a sampler with references to the stories. I think I was inspired by an “I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere” episode – I remember something about someone who made 60 Christmas tree ornaments, each one representing a story.

  2. Wow–I wish I could say yes, but my attempts at SH crafts have not ended well. For a Sound of the Baskervilles auction, I made a Holmes-themed pillow and bulletin board from fabric I purchased on line. They sold but were courtesy purchases as the work was pedestrian at best.

    I have an idea for some individual, personalized bookmarks for my SH friends for compliments of the season, 2017. Here’s hoping they turn out well.

    1. A Holmes-themed bulletin board sounds like something I need in my home office. Someday. When I have a home office again, since I do not have one right now.

      The bookmarks sound like a great idea. In the spirit of holiday cards, but far more useful!

  3. I am a brand new member, as of about five minutes ago!

    I have done a lot of mixed media Holmes&Watson & Sherlock&John art. In fact, at an annual art retreat I attend, I am famous for turning whatever project a class features into a Sherlockian item.

      1. I know the feeling. I am a writer by trade, but late in life I developed a fondness for other creative outlets as well. I would love to share some of my Holmes art, if appropriate.

        Not sure exactly how to use my bullpup moniker (which I love, btw).

  4. Hi Teri,

    So glad you are here. I think you will find that the Watsonians are good fun. Your projects sound amazing. I look forward to hearing more about you and your art.

    Welcome aboard!

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