Crafty Fans

“Geek Mom” Lisa Tate posted “Crafting the Detective: My History of ‘Sherlock’ Projects” over at GeekDad the other day, sharing some pretty nifty Sherlock-inspired craft projects she’s done.

I recently finished an especially Watsonian project myself, a pair of socks in a pattern inspired by the cabled jumper worn by Martin Freeman’s John Watson in the first season of BBC Sherlock.

The pattern is available (with some helpful tips for certain parts!) at Sherry Menton’s site, The Textured Knitter.

I’ve also tried my hand at some Sherlockian papercrafts, like the origami black lotus flower and Barachiki’s fancy paper snowflakes. (The original snowflake tutorial is gone from tumblr, but there’s a copy on here.)

Have you done any Holmesian or Watsonian craft projects? Have you seen some interesting projects from other fans?

Canonical Valentine?

It is doubtful that Valentine’s Day is referenced in the Canon, but might there be other holiday references, explicit or implicit, that are mentioned or alluded to in the stories and books? Anyone care to develop a catalogue of Canonical Holidays?