Beth Gallego “Selena” Named Associate Webmistress

The Society is delighted to announce the appointment of Beth Gallego “Selena” to the position of Associate Webmistress.  Beth is a self-described “Data Nerd” and experienced blogger who brings a great deal of talent and knowledge to this important function of the Society

“Selena” will also be taking on the job of developing a digital Index of all articles, papers, and miscellanea published in The Watsonian for future Sherlockian and Watsonian reference and research.

For far too long, the Society has operated with all of the access to the web and knowledge of the website building software known only to Buttons (a 71 year-old, high-risk cardiac Bingo Card waiting for an “I”).  Now, we will have reliable back-up, talent and skill  in maintaining the Society’s website going forward.  That IS a relief!

This is another in the steps to insure the Society is strengthened by the participation, talent and direction of numerous Members and not just Buttons alone. Of course, we always have other responsibilities to fill. so please feel free to step up and volunteer. 

Welcome “Selena” to your new position as Associate Webmistress, and Thank You! 

8 Replies to “Beth Gallego “Selena” Named Associate Webmistress”

  1. Super, Selena–thanks so much for taking on the role with our website and the indexing of The Watsonian. What a grand service to all of us.
    I hope you’ll keep on doing the quizzes, though.
    Cheers, Daisy

  2. No problem – I’m happy to have something to offer. 🙂 And you can’t keep me away from the quizzes, although I’m stumped so far on this week’s!

    1. I am stumped also. You noted the little phrase at the bottom “Do we have any mathematically-inclined quiz masters?” Well, that sure isn’t me!! Sigh and double sigh. Daisy

  3. Welcome aboard! I’d still love to see a Facebook group for us Watsonians to have even more interaction! If that’s something there’s interest in, I’d love to help with it!

    1. Hello there, Galahad! One of the things I’m looking at right now is making the site play nicely with Facebook, and connecting with social media is also on the agenda. That said, I do want to encourage folks to keep up the conversation here!

      1. Thanks for becoming the JHWS Webmistress. I suppose a Watsonian Facebook group would require membership on Facebook, something I’m not personally interested in, but if others are (and Facebook is popular) then so be it.

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