Membership Page Update!

Have you visited our Society Members page lately? It’s had a bit of a remodel. You can now see members by name or by moniker without having to go to a different page!

Members can also now easily see their joining date and current membership end date. Please have a look and let “Selena Buttons” know if you catch a mistake or if you have additional information (like local scion society memberships) to add to your listing.

Speaking of membership end dates, if your membership ended on December 31st of 2016, now is a great time to renew, so you don’t miss out on the upcoming Spring issue of the Watsonian. If your membership ends on June 30th of 2017, you can renew your membership through December 2018 now and not have to worry about missing the fabulous Fall Watsonian.


I’m happy to announce that we now have a Shop available for anyone to purchase new membership, renewals, publications, and other items from the John H Watson Society. Simply click the “Shop” text on the upper right of the web page and feel free to browse through for anything you wish to purchase.

I wish to thank Selena for all of her hard work in putting this new feature on the website together.

For those of you who make a purchase on Paypal, please do not be alarmed by the Merchant account being under Don Libey’s name. The account is now handled by his partner and our treasurer, Asta, so we are safely handling your orders. The reason it is still in his name is simply because it is very difficult to have that information changed. If you have any further questions or suggestions about the new Shop site, please direct them to both me and Beth Gallego (JHWS Selena). We will help in any way possible.

I hope you will enjoy the new Shop! This is a wonderful time to renew membership (if it is time for you to renew) or to simply pick up previous publications that you don’t have in your library yet.

Beth Gallego “Selena” Named Associate Webmistress

The Society is delighted to announce the appointment of Beth Gallego “Selena” to the position of Associate Webmistress.  Beth is a self-described “Data Nerd” and experienced blogger who brings a great deal of talent and knowledge to this important function of the Society

“Selena” will also be taking on the job of developing a digital Index of all articles, papers, and miscellanea published in The Watsonian for future Sherlockian and Watsonian reference and research.

For far too long, the Society has operated with all of the access to the web and knowledge of the website building software known only to Buttons (a 71 year-old, high-risk cardiac Bingo Card waiting for an “I”).  Now, we will have reliable back-up, talent and skill  in maintaining the Society’s website going forward.  That IS a relief!

This is another in the steps to insure the Society is strengthened by the participation, talent and direction of numerous Members and not just Buttons alone. Of course, we always have other responsibilities to fill. so please feel free to step up and volunteer. 

Welcome “Selena” to your new position as Associate Webmistress, and Thank You! 


Confusion reigns!  Buttons went and changed the Blog Page to be called Watsonian News and Events . . . and then he moved it!

The old Blog Page is now the Home Page and is renamed Watsonian News and Events.  Same old Blog just a new name and location.  When you arrive at the Society website, you automatically are on the News and Events Page (old Blog) and you can click and comment on anything you wish just like before.

Clearly, Buttons had one too many pints and made this change without thinking. He is sorry for the confusion, but believes this will be easier for all to see the constantly changing news and events of the Society.  He is, however, grateful that members noticed!

Sherlock Hallows

New Members’ Comments Page

We have added a Members’ Comments page. This is an old-fashioned “Bulletin Board” where you can ask questions, request information, seek collectibles, post your own quiz questions, discuss the Canon and start a dialogue with other members. It’s just for you. Enjoy!

Two New Features Added to The Society Website

Today the Society has added two new features on the website: Quiz Page and Watsonian Limelight.

Quiz Page is what you might expect: a quiz blog for ALL members to post questions, Canonical conundrums, and topics for exploration, explication, and examination. It is meant to be a DAILY stop for a bit of intriguing Canonical conundra and active participation by all.

Watsonian Limelight will highlight a member of the Society each month and provide all of us greater illumination of the member’s accomplishments, interests and creativity. The first limelight is shown upon the Life of Col. Ted Schulz, BSI “The Amateur Mendicant Society” and Founding Member Emeritus of The John H Watson Society.

These are YOUR pages. Please contribute, participate, and assist in the daily, ongoing dialogue that can add so much fun and pleasure to our shared lives of interest in the Watsonian and Sherlocklian milieu. You only have to click on “Comments” and you are in The Game, and, truly, “The game’s afoot!”