A Limerick

Note from Carla Buttons: I am pleased to reintroduce Tid Bits, written by our dear friend Ron “Chips” Lies as he now works to improve his health and continue his Sherlockian studies.

This a limerick I found and I enjoyed the picture that was created. I hope you enjoy it also.

Oh give me a home where Sherlockians roam
Where Watson is faithful and true,
Where seldom is heard a non canonical word
And anything could be a clue.

The author is the illustrious scholar, Christopher Redmond from his book, A Sherlock Holmes Handbook, second edition, page one.

So. Write and let Chips what you might think of it

8 Replies to “A Limerick”

  1. To continue the theme, here are some more rhymes, though it’s hard to match the incomparable Chris.

    Here’s to Chips! May his health soon be better!
    So he’ll send us a witty e-mail letter.
    With poems and prose
    Wishes come, as he knows,
    From a Sherlockian, though he’s never met her.

    Writing limericks isn’t a chore.
    Sherlockians do it often, what’s more,
    From a multi-versed toast
    To thanks to one’s host,
    Till you’d think that’s what limericks were for.

    So here’s to John Watson, MD,
    A friend just as good as can be.
    He writes up the cases.
    (His writing is aces!)
    A good and brave friend is he!

    1. Roxie, Thank you for this limerick. I use it to pick me up when this brain injury gets me down. I will keep posting partly because of my Watsonian family and your concerns for me,

  2. I am a little bit baffled here . . . I am pretty sure I didn’t write this, pretty sure it does not appear in my book, and pretty sure it is not actually a limerick! However, thank you for an amusing verse, whoever wrote it, and for the complimentary adjectives. i hope someone can clear up the mystery!

  3. Okay, I have run it to earth, with considerable help from @plexippa. The song appears in my HANDBOOK, though not on page 1, as a quotation from Jim Ballinger’s Singalong with Sherlock Holmes. Looking in my copy of Singalong, I see that the whole song is there, with music, and is credited to Signe Landon, first published in Holmesian Federation in 1978. I don’t think I ever knew Signe, but she apparently was a pioneer of Holmes/Star Trek crossover. So I definitely did not write the song, but as a former Kansan I’m all in favour of something that uses the heart-wrenching melody of the Kansas state song. And it’s still not a limerick.

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