On February 18th… “The Beryl Coronet”

Richard Carpenter as Arthur Holder

February 18, 1886: Arthur Holder asked his father for money for the third time. [BERY]

Richard Carpenter (left) played Arthur Holder in the 1965 BBC television adaptation of “The Beryl Coronet“. It was the eighth episode of the series starring Douglas Wilmer (as Holmes) and Nigel Stock (as Watson). [Carpenter has another Sherlockian credit, as writer for four episodes of The Baker Street Boys (BBC, 1983) –Selena Buttons]

Bridal Coronet Headpiece by Elnara Niall (Adi Mileva-Thigpen)

February 18, 1886: Part of the beryl coronet was stolen. [BERY]

Could the coronet have looked something like this beautiful bridal coronet by Elnara Niall?


Chronological information provided from the volume A Day by Day Sherlockian Chronology by William S Dorn DWNP, BSI. [Additional information about the BBC productions from IMDB –Selena Buttons]

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  1. I am in awe of your ability to ind all this information you come up with. Thanks for making our posts better.

  2. I do enjoy the Wilmer and Stock episode, and now I’m curious about whether or not Baker Street Boys has been uploaded somewhere… I always forget to see if that has miraculously appeared on youtube yet, like so many other adaptations that never made it to DVD!

  3. Hey ! This looks like fun. I talk to later. I going with the Baker Street Boys and a girl around London.

  4. Bravo! to Chips and Selena for such interesting posts. You two are a great team.

    Of course, we found that out during the treasure hunt last year, didn’t we? 🙂

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