“You Know Why I’m Here”

Just in case you somehow missed the news, the latest teaser trailer for the fourth series of the BBC’s Sherlock hit the Internet this past weekend.

There has already been plentiful discussion and dissection of the 48 seconds of footage, and there are still two weeks to examine each frame for those clues that might be seen but not observed.

What are your thoughts on what the new season might hold?

5 Replies to ““You Know Why I’m Here””

  1. I am not going to watch it alone; have to be with Mopsy and her family! Seasonal cheers to all of you, Daisy

    1. Lucky you! I’ll be watching it on my own – I should probably keep a shock blanket handy.

      In the meantime, I may or may not be examining that trailer frame by frame. Repeatedly.

  2. Shock Blanket! Good idea! Our little viewing party will be fun. I have heard rumors of pizza and cake. And our Daisy always has the best tea.

    I have watched the trailer several times and have now decided to stop torturing myself. I did enjoy the fatherhood clip with Freeman on the Colbert show. Lestrade was lovely as usual.

    I think we are all in for a treat.

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