Wonderful Watsonians: Rich Krisciunas

Name (or alias): Rich Krisciunas

Bullpup moniker: Hector 

Who is your favorite Watson and why? My first answer was the former hockey player, Bryan “Bugsy” Watson but I remembered who was asking the question, so it has to be Nigel Bruce because he was my first. He is also as fearless as Bryan Watson.

If Watson was writing a story about you, what would it be titled?

“The Romantic Adventure of the Tenacious Barrister and The Woman”

Give us an improbable fact about yourself!

In 1984, I attended the first Detroit Tigers fantasy camp which reunited the 1968 World Championship team and I hit a single off world series MVP Mickey Lolich and a double off Mark “The Bird” Fidrych. I was MVP of the Lawyer’s softball league in Detroit.

Why did you join the JHWS?Everyone in JHWS is very welcoming and knowledgeable. I want to be part of a group that takes the “game” seriously and I love “playing the game.” After retiring from a 37-year career as a criminal trial lawyer and law school professor, I had more time to re-read the Canon and attend local scion meetings; Ribston-Pippins, Amateur Mendicant Society of Detroit and Greek Interpreters of East Lansing.  I enjoy looking at the stories from a legal point of view and presenting papers, toasts and poems. I found the podcasts “I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere” and “Trifles.” Then, I discovered the blog Sherlock Peoria and listened to the “Watsonian Weekly” and “Sherlock Holmes is Real” podcasts because they are clever. I’m hooked.
Best wishes. Thanks for asking. Let me know if you need anything else.
Rich Krisciunas JHWS Hector
Retired Professor Trial PracticeDetroit Mercy School of Law
734-620-1052Ribston-PippinsAmateur Mendicant Society of DetroitGreek Interpreters of East LansingCrew of the Barque Lone StarThe Fourth GarridebSherlockians of BaltimoreJohn H. Watson SocietyTankerville Club of Cincinnati Harpooners of Sea Unicorn St. CharlesBlue Carbuncle of PortlandWatson’s Tin BoxParallel Case of St. LouisOrder of the Last Bow
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