Wonderful Watsonians Interview: Elinor Gray, JHWS “Misty”

Be your own Boswell and tell us a little about yourself! 

Name (or alias):

Elinor Gray, aka mistyzeo

Bullpup moniker (Contact us if you don’t know):


Who is your favorite Watson and why?

I have a strong fondness for Michael Williams, the Watson to Clive Merrison’s Holmes in the 1989 audio series by Bert Coules. His warm voice and laugh and his energy with Merrison make them a delightful pair to enjoy the stories with.

If Watson was writing a story about you, what would it be titled?

The Three Cat Problem

Give us an improbable fact about yourself!

I have knit over 65 pairs of socks in my 15+ year knitting career, most of them in the first 5 years. Now I can’t stop knitting sweaters.

Why did you join the JHWS?

I’ve moved several times since getting into Sherlock Holmes–from Philadelphia to Baltimore, from Baltimore to London, and from London to Portland–so an online society was a big draw for me! That, and the opportunity to be part of something as it was built, to put having fun and being chill at the forefront of “traditional” Sherlockian appreciation, and to make new friends. The crossover of internet fandom and old school Sherlockiana is awesome.

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