Wonderful Watsonians: Holly Turner

Name (or alias): Holly Turner

Bullpup moniker (Contact us if you don’t know): Noel

Who is your favorite Watson and why? I love David Burke and Edward Hardwicke equally. They both portrayed Watson as kind, loyal, and intelligent, just as he should be. And both were perfect for where they sat in the timeline. I read someone saying ‘David Burke and Jeremy Brett are newlyweds, Edward Hardwicke and Jeremy are an old married couple’. I think that sums it up perfectly!

If Watson was writing a story about you, what would it be titled? The Adventure of the Tired Scientist.

Give us an improbable fact about yourself! I can’t remember things I need to do without writing them down, but I can remember really odd things from years ago. Thanks, dyspraxia!

Why did you join the JHWS? I was looking for a Holmesian society that isn’t only scholarly. I’m looking forward to being nerdy with fellow fans, and perhaps making some contributions.

Thanks, Holly! We love all of our wonderful Watsonians and want to feature each and every one! Just answer the questions above and send the answers (along with a photo if you like) to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com.