Welcome to Randall Stock, JHWS “Brandy” to Membership

We are honoured to welcome the well-known Sherlockian, Randall Stock, BSI “South African Securities” to Charter Membership. His Sherlockian Who’s Who biography is:

Randall Stock is an inveterate list-maker, long-time Sherlockian, and techie.
His website combines those interests.  Early efforts included conducting a new
poll of BSJ readers to determine the best Holmes stories, analyzing previous
polls, and identifying the best quotations from the Canon.  More recently he’s
focused on researching Conan Doyle rarities, and has lists of the extant copies
of Beeton’s Christmas Annual, Conan Doyle manuscripts, Sidney Paget original
drawings, and other items.
Personal website: http://www.bestofsherlock.com

He is a member of the following:

The Baker Street Irregulars (South African Securities)
» The Pondicherry Lodgers of 44th Street
» The Scowrers and Molly Maguires of San Francisco
» The Hounds of the Internet
» The Knights of the Gnomon

Please extend a warm welcome to Mr Stock with our traditional welcome to new members:  “You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”