Welcome to Karen Ellery, JHWS “Sherry”

The Society welcomes Karen Ellery “Sherry” of Minneapolis to Charter Membership.  A very active and creative Watsonian and Sherlockian, Karen describes her many interests:

I am a member of: The Norwegian Explorers; The Red-Throated League; and The Consorts of the Kings of Scandinavia.  Founding Member and “Stage Manager” of The St. John’s Wood Accomplices.  Online member of WelcomeHolmes and HOUNDS of the Internet (“Maud Bellamy”). Owner and Editor of 221T Press; editor and co-translator of the first Klingon edition of “The Adventure of the Blue
Carbuncle.”  Co-creator of the Loving Cup Teas© line of Sherlockian teas. First recipient of the Norwegian Explorers’ Sigerson Award for Poetry. Actor, lyricist, tea-lover, staunch Watsonian.

Please join in welcoming Karen with our new member greeting: “You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”

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