Welcome to Julie McKuras, BSI “The Duchess of Devonshire,” ASH “The Compliments of the Season.”

The Society is most pleased to welcome the distiguished Sherlockian, Julie McKuras, to Charter Membership. Mrs. McKuras writes:

“I’m married to Michael McKuras and have two children, both married, and two soon to be three grandchildren. On two of our excursions with the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, my Mike has been Vamberry the Wine Merchant.

I am a former ICU/CCU Nurse, having worked in both Fort Wayne Indiana and Minneapolis, MN; degrees from Purdue University and the University of Minnesota.

I am a member of the Norwegian Explorers since 1993 and president of that august group for nine years. I’ve co-chaired and worked on all of the Explorers’ triennial conferences since 1998.

Also, I am a member of the Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections Board. I’ve worked on their newsletter since the inception in 1997 and have been editor of this quarterly publication since 1999 as well as frequent contributor.

I’ve had articles in the Baker Street Journal,The Sherlock Holmes Society of London Journal and The Serpentine Muse. I’ve had essays published in Violets and Vitriol, ed. by S. E. Dahlinger, and Sherlock Holmes in the Heartland, edited by Steven T. Doyle.

I’ve been a speaker at a number of Sherlockian conferences including ones held in St. Louis, London and Indianapolis.

With Susan Vizoskie, I co-edited and wrote the introduction to Sherlockian Heresies by the late Leo Sauvage, BSI which was published by Wessex Press.

In addition to the Norwegian Explorers, I’m a member of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London, The Hounds of the Baskerville (sic), ASH (“The Compliments of the Season”), The Illustrious Clients of Indianapolis and the BSI (“The Duchess of Devonshire”).

Please join in extending a warm welcom to Julie as a Charter Member and greeting her with our traditional welcome:

“You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”