Welcome to Harold and Theodora Niver, BSI, to Charter Membership; AKA “William and Helen Gillette”

The Society has gained not two distinguished Sherlockians, but four, as Charter Members. Harold E. Niver, BSI “The Man on the Tor” and his bride, Theodora Niver, BSI “Carmina” also embody the famous Sherlockian actor and his bride, William and Helen Gillette.

Tyke and Teddie Niver, as they are known by many Sherlockian friends around the world, have played the famous actor and his wife in presentations at Gillette Castle in Connecticut for many years. They also have appeared on stage around the world in their theatrical program re-creating William Gillette playing Sherlock Holmes. Here are two of the many rave reviews:

“Harold and Teddie Niver – as the Gillettes – are truly the First Couple of Baker Street; and, as intriguing as Gillette Castle is by itself, its heart truly beats when the Nivers are there.”
Henry Zecher, Author of “The Masque of Sherlock Holmes, The Extraordinary Life of William Gillette”

“Mr. and Mrs. Harold Niver do not simply appear costumed as the Gillettes, they seem to embody these vanished actors.  The depth of their research into the career and life of the distinguished actor/playwright allows them to speak easily and confidently in their roles. They need no script but can simply move among us never stepping out of character. You will feel you are in the presence of William Gillette and his beloved bride.”
Susan Rice, Host, the William Gillette Memorial Luncheon

The Gillettes
The Nivers as the Gillettes
Tyke and Teddie Niver as the Gillettes

Harold Niver established the scion society, The Men on the Tor “The Hound,” in Connecticut in 1977. Theodora Niver is a member of The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes “Mrs Robert Ferguson” and The Men on the Tor “Mrs Barrymore.”

Perhaps the Society will inspire Harold and Teddie to add to their repertoire and embody our beloved Dr John H Watson and his bride Mary Morstan; we will savour the pleasure of that possibility.

Please join in extending a warm welcome to our new Charter Members with the traditional welcome of the Society:

“You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”