Weekly Quiz on Holiday until January 4, 2014

At the urging of our Quiz Masters and Members, Buttons is declaring a Quiz Holiday for the Holidays. We will suspend the Weekly Quiz until Friday, 4 January 2014 when we will resume with an all new year of Canonical quizzing!

Buttons needs a holiday, too, from the scribbling of notes in the margins of his Doubleday. He is planning on spending time with his mates at the local across the square, The Frog and Pig, where a turkey Cornish pasty and a few pints of best bitter are calling. The good Doctor and Mr Holmes will likely be looking for a two-barred goose again his year, and Buttons will repair to the Alpha Inn for a bit of supper and a nice eggnog.  An abundancy of Thanksgiving and Festive Greetings to all!

11 Replies to “Weekly Quiz on Holiday until January 4, 2014”

  1. May we all have much to be thankful for on this coming Thanksgiving (celebrations where applicable), and may the holiday season, however observed, be full of all good things, allowing lots of time to peruse the Canon.

  2. A toast to our extraordinary Buttons for his fabulous work! I’m almost afraid of what you might dream up for us for Jan 4 with a few weeks off for your “batteries to recharge”. Enjoy! “Gwen”

  3. I “second” what Margie/Gwen said Buttons, you are just the tops, and we are glad you are taking a break. Now, don’t get into trouble out there as Sherlock did when JHW talked him into getting out of town!
    To all JHWs: Peace and all good to you and yours on Thanksgiving.

    1. Hmm…reminds me of our friend who is not happy unless he is working. But, being the contradictory fellow he is, I’m going to take his advice offered in REDH: “And now, Doctor, we’ve done our work, so it’s time we had some play. A sandwich and a cup of coffee, and then off to violin-land

      1. This is a busy time of year . . . books, publications and, in my other life as Vamberry at 221B Cellars, we have just finished the crush, the fermentation and the racking of 2013’s wines into their oak barrels . . . The Hound of the Baskervilles is coming along nicely, a huge dark beast of a Zinfandel ready in May . . . so many projects . . . so few days . . .

  4. Whoo..Hoo..the second bottle! I’ll never know if the wine is good as I can’t bring myself to open my first, so I probably won’t open the second. It just looks so great sitting on my bar. All kidding aside, I am in awe of your energy!

  5. We come to the time of year crammed with holidays many of us celebrate; thoughtful and joyous and hectic. As the hours of daylight dwindle and darkness increase, we human becomes naturally reflective, thinking on the fortunes of the past and the promises for the future.

    We have each experienced many events this past year. I hope that for all the positive outweigh the negative. One of the positives for me this year has been the John H. Watson Society. I am thankful for the founding members and directors of the JHWS and the hard work they put in to make this group a success. The Watsonian’s first issue was wonderful and Joanne Yates’ editorship was top-notch. It set a high bar, but I have no doubt the second issue will match and even succeed it.

    The Quiz Page has been a fun and challenging place to flex one’s Canonical muscles and Don Libey has been a Quiz Master Extraordinaire. Thanks, Buttons! I shutter to see what the new year brings.

    The winter solstice arrives and the hours of darkness slowly diminish. Yes, there are still months of winter to forge through but we know spring is at the end of the trek with its renewal and rebirth. For my fellow Watsonians I wish all Jezail bullets be wide of the mark, all your cabs be third ones, and all your horses come in first. “We can but try”–the motto of the firm.

  6. I want to thank our “Buttons” for his marvelous quizzes that gave me many hours of fun (and something of a headache) in trying to solve them. Also, I received today the first issue of “The Watsonian” and I can’t wait to delve into the deep waters of Watsonian scholarship.
    My best regards for a happy hoilday season to all fellow Watsonians.

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