Weekly Quiz:  51  The Pawky Puzzler’s Christmas Quiz

This week’s quiz is the Pawky Puzzler’s Christmas Quiz for your Yuletide enjoyment and delectation.  We thank Margie Deck “Gwen,” our intrepid Quiz Maven from the SOBs in Seattle for her fine work in creating this unique and fun quiz. Submit your answers by Christmas Eve, 24 December.

Good Luck to All!  And to All, “The Compliments of the Season!”


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3 Replies to “Weekly Quiz:  51  The Pawky Puzzler’s Christmas Quiz”

  1. Gwen (Margie) thank you for the Christmas Quiz.

    None of my guesses were right. I should have known that would be since Holmes described guessing as being ‘destructive to the logical faculty.’

    But 50% chance of being right! You would have thought I would got some of them right!

    I scored myself: 37/50. I learned that not every envelope in the Canon is blue and everybody’s eyes aren’t gray. I would have argued with Watson that smoke from a chimney is never blue, but rather white or black, at least at the Vatican.

  2. Hi Denny: I found the references to ‘blue’ smoke very interesting. Three appeared, twice in reference to Sherlock Holmes’ smoking tobacco, and once in reference to a chimney. I don’t think I’ve seen blue smoke from tobacco or a chimney in my life. I’ve seen blue gas burning (pilot light) and streaks of blue in a flame in an on going fire but not blue smoke. I find it very curious! Margie

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