Weekly Quiz #4: 7 October to 12 October 2013 and Monthly Quiz #1:  Follow The Clues

Weekly Quiz #4
Monthly Quiz #1

This week’s quiz is also the first Monthly Quiz to find out who will be the First Monthly Quiz Master. All Weekly Quiz Masters who mastered their category (Member Individual, Member Team, Non-Member Individual, Non-Member Team) may compete in the Monthly Quiz in order to move on in the Quarterly and the Annual Quizzes.

This week’s theme is: Follow The Clues. Each question takes you to the next question. You should be able to associate the question and the answer from the top down or from the bottom up. Each answer has something to do with, or is associated in some way with, or is textually associated with the one-word question.

The beginning and ending orientations are to check that you have made the correct starting and ending assumptions and associations. If you have the correct story for the first orientation at the beginning, then you will be on the right track for the rest; and if you have the correct orientation reference at the end, you have likely made the right decisions when solving the clues.

The first submission with the most correct answers will be: 1) the Weekly Quiz Master and/or 2) the Monthly Quiz Master. Good Luck!

Beginning Orientation:  Plate
Clue 1:  Pugilist.
Clue 2:  Boxer.
Clue 3:  County
Clue 4:  Coal
Clue 5:  Cigar
Clue 6:  Mutiny
Clue 7:  Doctor
Clue 8:  Hospital
Clue 9:  Tutor
Clue 10:  E.C.
Ending Orientation:  Gnomon

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  1. I don’t know if it is my computer, but I cannot download the quiz file for week 4, nor could I download week 3’s file which I assume now has the answers.

    1. It may be your system. It does take a minute to download, though. I tested it after posting and it is working correctly.

      No, the answers for last week’s quiz are not posted. I want to see how we do this week before doing so as I may want to use some of them again in the future.

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