Weekly Quiz: 36

RESULTS:  You DO like simple and fun!  So many more players this week!  Buttons was overwhelmed.

Michele Lopez “Reggie” from Italy’s Uno Studio in Holmes was first in with 100%.
He was followed in just minutes by Melissa Anderson “Faith” with 100%.  Denny Dobry “Kirby” was next with 100%.  Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy” was next with 100%. Michael Ellis “Lobo” came next with 100%. Beth Gallego “Selena” finished with another 100%.  Everybody got Honours!  And nobody picked up on the reference in the set-up to “jeopardy.”  This quiz was modeled after Ken Jennings’ weekly quiz in Parade magazine where he has five things that are all the same. Answers below.

After the grueling and exhausting Treasure Hunt, we return to our Weekly Quiz with a fun and simple one this week having to do with similarities.  Please submit solutions by 7 PM EST, Wednesday, 10 September 2014. You’ll get these fast without any jeopardy.

Download Week 36 Questions and Answers