Weekly Quiz 2014-01

The John H Watson Society Weekly Quiz:
A Tribute Quiz to Prof Don Yates “Pal”

Prof Yates offered a unique form of quiz to the members attending the recent 27 December 2013 Consultation at the home of Society members Andree and Chuck Youngson. This is a quiz of word association and is not as easy as it looks. Here is a poor rendition of Dr Yates’s diabolical quiz. Submissions should be sent to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com by 7 pm (Pacific) on Wednesday, 8 January 2014.

The questions are direct quotes or references from the canon, reduced to single letters. For example:

A quote: “Y. h. b. t. A., I. p.” = “You have been to Afghnistan, I perceive.” Holmes; SCAR.

A reference: the r-m’d M. W. = the red-moustached Mr Woodley. Violet Smith; SOLI.

For each question, complete the quote or reference and identify the speaker or the object and the book or story where it is found. Each question is 1 point with a 5 point bonus for total accuracy (25 total possible points).

  1. J. D. of B. C.
  2. The S. S. of J. S.
  3. “W. a. t. w.?”
  4. “The d. d. n. i. t. n.”
  5. “P. S. A. C.—“
  6. ‘S t. p. o. McC., P., a J. S. of St. A.
  7. Mr. H., t. w. t. f. o. a g. h!”
  8. E. W., D. D., P. of the T. C. of St. G’s.
  9. “ . . . I am the s. of the R t. o. C ‘V., and G. S. is my b.m.”
  10. ‘. . . R. F. of F. and M, t. b., of M. L., . . .’
  11. “That w. o. w. t. b. t., . . .”
  12. ‘ . . . the i. g. of N., . . .’
  13. “Some day the t. s. may b. t.”
  14. “S. w. m. h. u. t. t., . . .”
  15. ‘I. t. y. 1878 I t. m. d. of D of M of t. U. of L.,’
  16. “Shall the w., then, b. o. b. o.?”
  17. “Our b. are f. and the n. e.” Holmes; GREE.
  18. ‘ . . . I y. f. t. g. of the N. F., or t. s. of S.”
  19. ‘Must s. y. over C. W. C. at o. /s/ M.
  20. M. A. Upon S. H.




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