Weekly Forum: Watson as Partner in the Firm

Could we attempt the creation of a catalogue of the books and stories and concise summary of each of Doctor Watson’s positive influences, actions, and additions to the various cases?

Such a listing and capsule summary would assist in viewing in one list the good doctor’s overall contributions to the firm over the years.  Perhaps one Member might pick a book; another a second book; others individual cases, or collections such as The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes, or The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

With adequate participation by our esteemed Members, and with complete coverage, we would quite possibly have a thorough and unique review that could be completed as a blog-string paper for the journal

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    1. I agree with Cocoa. It would not be a simple endeavor. I think we would have to each call dibs on a story and study it in detail to point out all of the good doctor’s contributions one summary or listing at a time.

      Not to say we shouldn’t take up such a challenging task. Indeed, the opposite. We are the JHWS, after all. We can but try.

      (Can I call dibs on The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane? I can argue that it was the absence of Dr. Watson that led to that investigation taking so long to complete.)

  1. Forums have no time limits. The only purpose is to find new pathways into old stories. Anyone is free to offer as much or as little as they wish. If the findings are new and interesting, it becomes a landmark in the Watsonian scholarship. Or, you may feel inclined to take the idea and turn it into an original bit of research and publish a paper on the topic. It seems, however, if we divide up the work, it becomes more interesting and, quite possibly, more inclusive and open to new thinking.

    1. A couple of questions: 1) Are we limited to only the published adventures in the Canon or can we include pastiches?
      2) Would there be separate page for this project?

      1. While we deal with the Canon primarily, you may do as you wish. Now, it would be a thread right here.

  2. Hi; I’m wondering if you might reconsider having a page for this? It need only contain a list of which member is working on which story/book, and a link to the actual thread? New threads get top posted over the old ones, and the old ones go pages and pages back. If this is to be a long – term project (how could it not?) then it might be hard to find the ‘old’ thread many pages back? A list that could be checked easily with a link to the thread would seem very helpful? Just a thought.

  3. A new page has been set up and Members and others are invited to begin providing their observations there on the “Watson: Partner in the Firm Project.”

  4. Ok, CARLA: Get over to the page and explain your very interesting comment about Dr. Watson and LION….I’m very curious!

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