Weekly Forum: January 27 2015

This week’s Forum topic is one that has had little, if any, explication from the textual Canon: stationery.

What evidence exists of the various writing papers, envelopes, calling cards, invitations, pens, pencils, etc. that would be generally thought to be found in a Victorian Stationers Shop?  Prepare to be surprised.

2 Replies to “Weekly Forum: January 27 2015”

  1. I’ve seen mention that Dr. Watson’s literary agent was such a fan of Parker Duofold fountain pens (1921), that ad copy touted him as having written to a member of the Parker Board of Directors, stating “I have at last met my affinity in pens.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ensured that Dr. Watson was well stocked with Parker Duofold pens while the good doctor wrote “The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes.”

    1. In addition, while looking this info up this morning, I stumbled onto a forum that pointed out (though I really do need to go back and rewatch to see for myself) that Sherlock Holmes makes a reference to this same pen in BBC Sherlock episode “The Great Game” – wherein he apparently studies an envelope made of “bohemian paper” that was written with a “Parker Duofold iridium pen.”

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