Weekly Forum: Collector’s Corner

The Dealer Room at 221B Con was exceptional this year, and I came home with quite a few fun items. One was this Detective Mickey Mouse figurine:


It is not just a figurine. Oh, no. It is, in fact, a bobble-head! As soon as I discovered this, I knew it had to be mine, and it had to come home to live on my bookcase:


For this week’s Forum, please share an interesting item from your own collection. What is it, where did it come from, and why did it appeal to you?

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  1. Tiny figurines of Basil and Dawson from the Great Mouse Detective. 🙂

    I found them on ebay, though Basil was a tricky one to get. Apparently, a Japanese company made dozens of Disney characters into figurines that were about an inch and half tall, but the only ones that make sense to be that size would be Basil and Dawson. I find the toys to be very adorable.

    The only problem is my roommate’s cat, who loves to chew on plastic toys. After an incident where she managed to kidnap little Basil (it took us a little while to find all of the pieces intact), I came up with a solution. Now the little figures are solving crimes safely on the top of one of my picture frames, where the cat won’t find them. 😛

  2. I’m not a collector, except of books, and I’m not a big collector of them, either. I have a few items which I cherish, that are linked to some particular event or occasion.
    – a mug depicting the famous train carriage Paget illustration from SILV, bought in the now defunct shop of the Sherlock Memorabilia Co. in Baker Street opposite the Museum, back in 2005
    – from the same trip, a can of “Sherlock Holmes Tea” from the “London Gifts” shop. The tea was atrocious, but the tin can is beautiful. I keep my D&D dice in it and it makes for a very good bookend
    – some pins from Sherlockian societies, especially those of Circulo Holmes of Barcelona, a gift from my friend Miguel Ojeda Peral, and of The Speckled Band of Boston, from my friend Richard Olken

    1. I do try to limit my impulse to collect All The Things. Your collection sounds very well-curated! I like the idea of the Sherlock Holmes Tea tin; I have a London Underground tea tin from which the original tea is long gone, but the tin remains.

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