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I have plans to visit the London and Brighton area from January 18th to February 1st next year. I’ve never been to London before and do not know what to expect.

Have you ever been to (or lived in) London? Did you happen to meet any fellow Watsonians or have particularly Sherlockian experiences while you were there? Please share.

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  1. Hi Carla! Obviously you want to go to the Sherlock Holmes Pub which is right near Trafalgar Square. But here’s a bit of hidden London you might enjoy. On the 2nd (English 1st) floor of the British Museum is the clock and watch exhibit. It is a total delight. You will see a great array of old clocks and watches. But just sit there for a bit, close your eyes and listen. You will be surrounded by the gentle ticking of a number of clocks. It is quite mesmerizing. For a nice English lunch, or dinner, go to the Marquis of Salisbury Pub which is east of Leceister (“Lester”) Square. The inside is totally Victorian. It’s a bit of time travel!

    1. Our dear “Count” has warned me that there will be a period in January where the Sherlock Holmes Pub may undergo renovations, but I hope I’ll have a chance to visit it. The Marquis of Salisbury Pub sounds lovely!

      I’m also very interested in the clock and watch exhibit! One of my favorite items I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in a museum is the Man-nen Jimeisho in the Toshiba Science Museum. It’s very cool: http://toshiba-mirai-kagakukan.jp/en/learn/history/toshiba_history/spirit/hisashige_tanaka/p01_3.htm

  2. You’ll get lots of advice about things for a Sherlockian tourist to do, and of course you’ll go at pat the toe of the Sherlock Holmes statue in front of the Baker Street Underground Station.

    I’ve found, though, that it’s always the Sherlockian people, in London as elsewhere, that really matter. Long story (not Sherlockian) but I found myself with a bonus airline ticket I had to use — fast. I booked London flights and a room, and then I put out feelers to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. They do run programs now and then, and luckily I was there for a cinema night. Interesting Sherlockian films, a lovely buffet reception, fascinating conversation, some with names I’d only read about, and some totally new to me. And as a bonus, on that dreadfully wet night, one of the members kindly volunteered to drive me to a stop only one Underground stop from my hotel. They are very friendly if you make contact.

    Speaking of the Underground, at the Baker Street Station, there are areas with tiles of Sherlock Holmes. Check out the Bakerloo Line platform there. Great picture-taking there.

    1. That’s a brilliant idea! I’ll if there are any events occurring around that time and see if I can join in on the fun. Sherlockians are some of the most fun and welcoming folks I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

  3. London in a nutshell… not so easy. You could stay three months and not see everything…
    So, strictly limited to Sherlockian/Holmesian/Watsonian sightseeing:
    – Baker Street. The Museum is not so great, but it’s better that one could expect. They have lots of memorabilia in the shop, most of which at ridiculously high prices, but some are worth it. Just round the corner, in front of the Baker Street Undergound station, there’s THE statue. In the station itself there are tiles with the sihlouette of the Master Detective.
    – as they already told you, the Sherlock Holmes Pub (formerly the Northumberland Arms) in Northumberland Street. It’s pleasant to have lunch sitting in front of the glass window beyond which you can see the reconstruction of the Baker Street sitting room. Food is not exceptional, but the steak and mushroom pie is worth trying. Good beer. Outside the pub, check the wall with the arabesque design in the alley: these are the former premises of the Northumberland Avenue Turkish bath in ILLU.
    – Simpson’s-in-the-Strand is quite expensive, but absolulety worth it (if they don’t close it before January, there are dark rumours around). Just a few steps along the Strand, there is the corner of Southampton Street so prominently featured in all the covers of The Strand Magazine. The vista has changed quite a bit, but the church of St.Mary-le-Strand is still there. Not far from there, take a look at the Lyceum Theatre and check the “third pillar from left” (there are only four, actually. 😉
    – go to the Museum of London, until April 10 there is a big exhibition with pieces from the Crime Museum of Scotland Yard (never before open to the public). I’m afraid there won’t be the Von Herder airgun, but it must be very interesting.

    1. I’m so glad I can consult experts on this matter. This information is brilliant! In particular, I was not aware of the exhibition at the Museum of London. I don’t want to miss it!

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