Weekly Forum #45

The Baker Street Irregulars recently announced the details of their upcoming BSI Weekend to celebrate the 162nd birthday of Sherlock Holmes. I’ve never been before, but I actually plan to fly to NYC and attend a few of the surrounding events happening January 13-16, 2015, such as the ASH Dinner or the Christopher Morley Walk. Will anyone be attending? I’d love it if I could meet other Watsonians there as well.

So, have you ever attended the BSI Weekend? Please share your experiences with us.

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  1. Oooh, lucky you! I wish I could go, but I’ll be in Boston for a professional conference the weekend before, and two cross-country trips in as many weeks is out of the question. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

    1. Aw, that’s too bad – it would be so great to see you. I hope the professional conference goes well for you. 🙂

    2. And hey, if you ever find yourself in the Seattle area, let me know! I can take you out for dinner with a few of our fellow Watsonians. ^_^

      1. I do have my eye on Sherlock Seattle, which appears to be scheduled for next October. And I’m registered for 221B Con again.

        1. The theme for Sherlock Seattle is “Watson in Washington” and the special guests will include two JHWS members (plus, several Watsonians like me will also be attending). I was thinking about moderating a panel specifically for the John H Watson Society, so if you attend the event and if I can get the panel set up, then I’d like for you to join us.

  2. I’ve been to a number of them and attended various events during various weekends.

    It’s a great way to get to know in person people you’ve been talking to on various media and meet others you’ve only heard of.

    The nicest part is always the Sherlockians themselves — well-known authors or one-year member of a scion, you’re always welcomed and people always seem happy to meet you.

    I’m a bit iffy about this year for personal reasons, but I'[ll try to make the Gillette Luncheon if nothing else.

    1. Thank you for sharing. It sounds lovely.

      Of all of the events, is the Gillette Luncheon one of your favorites?

  3. I’ve been there twice (2012 and 2013) and it’s been a great experience.
    Maybe I can make it again this year. In this case, it would be great if we could organize to have a meeting of Watsonians at some event. The Gillette Luncheon could be a good place. For first timers who are not among the lucky ones invited to the BSI Dinner, I suggest not to miss the friday evening Gala.

    1. Gala is usually drinks and nibbles, self-seating at tables with other Sherlockians, program of toasts, skits, songs, and whatever else the committee comes up with. There’s an auction and a raffle for great prizes, and lots of time to meet old friends or make new ones. It falls at the same time as the BSI Dinner, so it’s a good place to go for those not going there. Great for meeting newer Sherlockians; a lot of relatively young ones attend, or have at least.

      I’ve tried meeting up with other groups at the Gillette. A simple “Are you a Watsonian?” after the first greeting works nicely. Exchange your group names (I’m Roxie, who are you?), and there you are, well on your way to making a new friend. All sorts of Sherlockians, old, new, known, and unknown, are there, all mixing together happily.

  4. It would be so awesome to meet other Watsonians while there. I hope I can see you there. What is the Gala like?

  5. I was fortunate to attend the first gala in 2007. I was a very ‘new’ Sherlockian/Watsonian at the time. I do recall meeting our Roxie, the magnificent collector Don Hobbs, Jim Hawkins from Welcome Holmes, and a few others. So much fun. I had hoped to go this year but the stars are not going to align. I’m so glad our CarlaB is getting to go. I will look forward to hearing all about the adventures our Watsonians have during this year’s festivities.

    1. Carla, Gillette is easy for me to drive into and drive home from if I can’t make it for the entire weekend. Also, it seems to attract the broadest group of all sorts of Sherlockians, other than, perhaps, the cocktail party, which I can’t always make for various reasons.

      It also doesn’t require an overnight stay, which is sometimes a consideration.

      1. I’ll be in New York that week, but I want to be careful of how much I spend, so I’m trying to decide whether to attend the Gala or to enjoy the other events instead. I don’t think I can afford to attend everything, unfortunately.

        The Gillette Luncheon sounds very appealing. Especially if I were to have the chance to meet you in person, Roxie. 🙂

        1. Hope to be there — I will be having some foot surgery in early December, but if it goes as promised, I should make that. Only thing that will hold me back will be if I can’t walk from the garage.

          1. I hope your foot surgery goes well and that the healing process will be as comfortable as possible.

          2. Thanks, Carla! I do, too, so I can get to meet you. You’re doing a terrific job here, and I’d like to say so in person.

  6. Hello, Carla, Wonderful! You’ll have a great time. Linda and I will be there Wednesday – Saturday. We’ll be at the ASH Wednesday dinner, the Morley walk, the Gillette lunch and the cocktail reception on Saturday. Let’s try to connect with each other and as many Watsonians as possible. I’ll be wearing my Watson clan badge lapel pin much of the time. See you in January!

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