Weekly Forum #43

A surprise gift and a discussion topic today!

The upcoming volumes of the Watsonian and the Fiction Series are currently printing and getting ready for distribution. I’m looking forward to everyone receiving them in the mail!

One contribution I’m looking forward to is “Long-Lost Watson: Edward Fielding in William Gillette’s Sherlock Holmes” by Jon Lellenberg, JHWS “Towser.” It is quite a nice write up in response to the Gillette film that was recovered and brought to theaters this year. I wrote a personal essay to accompany Towser’s piece and submitted it to The Watsonian to be featured with his.

However… on this occasion, we decided to be more strict on the page count and we had to make some difficult last minute decisions to move a few pieces to the Spring 2016 volume. In the process, I chose to cut out my essay. It won’t be featured in next year’s volumes, but Pippin suggested that we make it available for free. So I hope you enjoy a sample of our upcoming volume. Here’s the link:

“A Day at the Movies” – A free sample of The Watsonian for Fall 2015

On a related topic: This week’s forum was suggested by Willow. Thank you!

Have you seen the Gillette Film? What do you think of Edward Fielding as Dr Watson?