Weekly Forum #40

What does it mean to be a Watsonian?

We’re all Watsonians and call ourselves so. The title of our publication proudly anounnces it. When we reach out to each other and converse, we already know what it means and who we are. We find common ground because we are Watsonians.

So, if someone (perhaps a Sherlockian, perhaps a layman unaware of what year it Always Is) were to ask you what does it mean to be a Watsonian, what is the cleverest answer you could provide them?

4 Replies to “Weekly Forum #40”

  1. Watson is everyman. Everyman whose average or above average intelligence is merely the pale silvery moon to the bright golden sun of Holmes’s soaring intellect. But we, everyman/woman, are always eager to learn from the Master. We feel privileged to sit at his feet, or ride in a hansom with him in order to do so.

  2. I know I am a Watsonian because I love beautifully written words, and a man who can tell a story. So here is Watson: man of action, ladies’ man, healer, and on top of that, he knows how to spin a yarn. I think I’ll keep him close.

  3. As an ardent admirer of Sherlock Holmes, I’ve met so many people who strive to emulate the Great Detective. I consider myself a pretty smart person, but I’ve never believed That I could reach the heights he ever achieved. Yes, I wear a deerstalker. Yes, I consider myself to be a Sherlockian. But, — And I truly hate to admit this. — I have never been able to connect with him. It’s almost as if he is on a much higher level than I am in just about every way.

    However, I am a writer, a storyteller, an observer. I’m even a medical person of sorts. (Vet Tech student, actually.) These are many of the reasons I connect with Dr. Watson so well. Maybe I cannot deduce as well as Sherlock Holmes or any of the vets that I have worked with, but I support and help and stand in awe of those who have that ability.

    Why do I call myself a Watsonian? Because in so many ways, I AM Watson. And Watson is me as well.

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