Weekly Forum #39

As it is that time of year, I’m currently in the middle of helping our Editor-in-Chief, Pippin, and his editorial team prepare The Watsonian for print.

So let’s discuss JHWS publications (The Watsonian, The Monograph Series, and The Fiction Series) this week. What have you enjoyed so far? What would you like to read more about in the future? And in what areas do you think we could improve our publications?

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  1. I am extremely satisfied with the JHWS publications. I think that The Watsonian, particularly, is at the very top of Sherlockian (and Holmesian, and Watsonian) publications worldwide, on a par with the BSJ and the SHJ.
    As a suggestion, in the future we could think of a project that would be a fusion of The Watsonian and the Monograph series: a volume dedicated to a single subject, but with contributions by multiple authors.

    1. That’s a very fascinating idea. It’s really great to read different views on a single subject or theme. I’ll definitely bring this up with Pippin. 🙂

  2. An excellent suggestion from Reggie. Perhaps a “Watson without Holmes” themed issue might be a good topic. This would cover Watson before his meeting with Holmes, during the Great Hiatus, during his various periods living away from Baker Street, during the retirement of Holmes, and after the events of LAST…..Just a thought but there are many other subjects that could be handled as a single subject issue…..

  3. Well, in fact, already for the Spring issue there are articles in development on related topics Watson B.H.E. (Before Holmes Era). It is of course too early to talk about as the articles have yet to be written, but Count, Beller, Dash and Willow are involved in the very preliminary stages. Will any of it come to fruition? Time to renew those subscriptions to find out! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, thing are on pace for an October release of The Watsonian. The Editorial crew are working tirelessly.

    Hopefully, this thread will continue after Vol 3 No 2 hits the stands and JHWS members tell their opinions. All comments welcome.

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