Weekly Forum: #32

Today’s topic is from our fellow JHWS member “Dash.” Thank you!

Each of us has been given a JHWS moniker through mysterious means. Some, like Asta, are well-known; most are not as obvious. What do you feel is the background story or hidden meaning behind your moniker?

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  1. I was given the moniker Byron when I joined the JHWS. I never cared for the name. I have no relationship Byron’s works or to Romantic literature in general. So I asked that I be given the name Darwin instead.

    Charles Darwin is one of my heroes. I have read the Origin of the Species, the Descent of Man, and the Voyage of the Beagle in their unabridged formats. I have visited Darwin’s House in Downe a few times.

    For me Darwin represents the very epitome of the scholar/scientist, a great fructifier of human knowledge. He singlehandedly destroyed the childish mythology of Genesis and catapulted biology well into the future. Yet despite his tectonic effect on human knowledge and ultimately on various scientific disciplines, he remained a humble man. Could anyone aspire to higher accomplishment?

    My requesting the JHWS moniker of Darwin was my microscopic tribute to one of history’s finest men.

  2. I haven’t the vaguest idea why I’m Roxie. Doing a bit of googling finds a number of instances where Roxie is engaged in a profession which, while old, has never been mine. (Let’s not shock the grandkids by being more specific, please.)

    The only connection that roils up when I dredge the back of my brain attic, and it’s not close at all, is that I grew up in NYC at a time when the Roxy Theater was very prominent. Update the spelling, and there you are!

  3. Hi Dash: Thank you for asking this question. I’ve not liked mine too much, “Gwen”, until today. I had not thought to look up the meaning until now. The name is Welsh, and means “white, fair, holy, or blessed.” I certainly do feel blessed to be a member here, and to have enjoyed Button’s Sherlockian friendship. Sweet!

  4. I was given “Carla” and I took to it immediately. I come from a long line of “Charles” in my family that stretches back to my great-grandpa, Charles Senior. My younger brother was named Charles IV and that would’ve been my name had I been born a boy instead of a girl. So “Carla” reminds me of that and I love it.

  5. I had no idea why I was named Dash, and still don’t. However, I was delighted to discover that Dash was a King Charles Spaniel that was Queen Victoria’s favorite dog. Now that’s a good moniker!

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