Weekly Forum: 2015 – #7 Continuing the Forum on Canon Residence Names

NEW DISCOVERY UPDATE:  12 February 2015

After a close review of the entire Canonical text, Buttons has added a number of corrections, as well as seven new entries to the Canonical Residence Names List found on the February 3rd post. The new entries include: Aston Manor; Boscombe Hall; Capleton; Charlington Hall; Elrige’s Farm; The Gables; and Westbury House.  Corrections or additions (in italic) include: Stoke Moran Manor House; Myrtles (Latimer); Ridling Thorpe Manor; Appledore Towers; and Oxshott Towers (Folliot/Ffolliot).

We now believe this to be the accurate and definitive listing of Canonical Residence names and the occupants; however, we always welcome corrections, additions, and questions pertaining to the catalogue of names.

This week we would like to continue the discussion on the Canonical Residence names that was begun last week.  Please add your comments to this topic that has stimulated quite positive interest.

We are hoping to evolve an article or possibly a joint monograph from the discussion.  An interesting bit of information was discovered by Buttons this week while reading through an eighteenth century register of British Manors. A manor and manor house dating from the fifteenth century was located at Reigate in the County of Surrey.  The description, in many ways, fits the description of one of the houses in The Reigate Puzzle. Additional research is being done and perhaps a brief article could be written on these similarities.  The Manorial history of Great Britain and the Lordships of the Manor evidence is full of fascinating vignettes and may offer some insights to the residence names chosen by Dr Watson for the stories.

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  1. A worthy study, Buttons! I have two additions to the list:
    Birlstone Manor (VALL) and a second The Haven — Josiah Amberley’s home in RETI.

    I would be interested in addressing a related topic sometime: architecture in the Canon.

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