Weekly Forum 2015: #26

Similar to last week’s discussion:

Who is a fellow from the Canon that you wished you had seen more of or learned more about?

3 Replies to “Weekly Forum 2015: #26”

  1. Personally, I would like to have learned more about Shinwell Johnson. Although he only appears in one case, he’s a very memorable character.

  2. I agree on Shinwell Johnson. I’d also like to know what happened to Percy Phelps’s career. Another Percy, Dr Trevelyan, could have been a good consulting physician for Holmes and Watson in cases of suspect mental illness (Jim Browner, Professor Presbury. and the like). And Dr Mortimer of course, a brilliant guy in his own field and a likeable character.

  3. I would have liked to know more of Holmes’s hated rival on the Surrey shore, Mr. Barker.

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