Weekly Forum 2015: #24

Today’s lighthearted topic is from our fellow JHWS member “Gwen.” Thank you!

Say you had H.G. Wells’ time machine, or you stumbled into the TARDIS, and for one day only you can travel and join Holmes and Watson on one of their adventures. What day would that be?

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  1. Oh, tricky question.
    Offhand I’d say the first day of BRUC. The yellow fog, one of the best cases of the Canon, a long day of investigation from the morning in Aldgate until late evening in Oberstein’s house (and a nice dinner in a garish Italian restaurant as a bonus).
    But I’m equally tempted by a day spent outdoors, on the moor, in Tavistock on the track of Silver Blaze or in a hut near Vixen Tor…

  2. I’d use the time shifter to meet with H. G. Wells and have him figure out how I can get in on lots of the cases. If he can’t help me, perhaps I’d take that last day of HOUN, when all is explained and I wait in the fog for the denouement. That experience would live with me forever.

    Of course tomorrow might hold another choice. Running up the Thames in SIGN would be terrific, too, especially if it turned out to be a warm day.

  3. I think I would like to have been at Dr Watson’s clinic on the day that Sherlock Holmes first returned in EMPT to his friend’s great surprise.

  4. I’d settle just for seeing the look on Watson’s face after the comment from Holmes about Watson having been to Afghanistan…..

  5. I’m torn on this one— my first impulse is to spend the day searching for how the stone came to be in the goose as the whole case starts and ends on one day and emcompasses so many things I love about Watson’s world. But the other part of me wants to spend that last night finding the hound (me and Roxie!), or hiding behind the door at Milverton’s and then barely escaping after the string of surprising events. Or, or: when Holmes drops the dying dective bit and asks for a cigarette. Aggh…how would I choose?

  6. I’m with Carla for the day JHW is looking up at the Ronald Adair house, then runs into the old bookseller, and meets him again in his study and–Viola, Holmes!! And what Sherlockian these days actually has a gap on the second shelf?? But, I also would like to be walking over the moor looking for horse foot prints and Silver Blaze. Actually, HG and or Dr. Who could put my in any adventure and I would not complain a bit.
    Cheers, great question. Daisy

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