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  1. While I’m working on putting together the Watsonian, the Monograph and the Fiction volume, I’ve been watching episodes of “Murder Maps” on Netflix. It is interesting to see historically significant British crimes depicted in a drama-documentary style you usually on U.S. non-fiction crime shows.

  2. “Murder Maps” sounds interesting, I’ll look for it, thanks. I have an interest in real crime history and I read many books on the subject, including the “Notable British Trials” series.

  3. I’ve been enjoying The Murdoch Mysteries as my late night television. I only recently discovered the show and have been making my way through the seven seasons currently on Netflix. I thought the episode where he tosses ACD in jail was very good. I also enjoyed the one recently where the guy who thinks he is Sherlock Holmes helps Murdoch solve the mystery and tries to explain to a young Sherlockian why Watson said it was a snake from India when no such snake exists. Good fun.

  4. Margie, if you enjoy Murdoch Mysteries, I recommend you read the original Detective Murdoch books by Maureen Jennings. They are excellent. The books are different from the T.V. series in that they give a grittier, more realistic picture of Victorian Toronto. Maureen is an honourary lifetime member of the Bootmakers of Toronto.

  5. I am wondering if there are plans to issue a Monograph or a calendar based on Chips “On This Day…” submissions.

    Also, I am thoroughly enjoying “A Curious Collection of Dates: Through the Year with Sherlock Holmes” written by Leah Guinn and Jaime Mahoney, and published by Gasogene Books.

    1. There aren’t plans to issue such a book/calendar, but it’s a nice idea!

      I haven’t yet picked up Leah & Jaime’s book, but I’ve been hearing good things about it.

  6. Linda and I have enjoyed the Murdoch shows, but were not aware there were books on which it was based. Thanks for mentioning!

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