We Welcome Marcy Mahle, JHWS “Nelle” to Charter Membership

The Society is pleased to welcome Marcy Mahle, JHWS “Nelle” to membership. Ms Mahle lives in Centerville, Ohio.

Marcy writes:

“For many years, I have been a member of the Agra Treasurers, a Dayton Sherlock Holmes group. I have served the group in many different ways. My first introduction to Holmes was as a wee little child. I am now teaching my dear little six pack (very tiny grandchildren) all about Holmes.

All members of my family, on my mother’s side, live in North Wales, Great Britain and yes I have been there many times to visit. On each visit, it is a must that I spend time in London. When not reading, I love to make cloth dolls and their clothing. I have a very large library of books on Holmes and first edition mysteries. I look forward to learning many new things about both Holmes and Watson.”

Please extend a warm welcome to Marcy with our Society greeting:  “You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”