Watching the Mailbox

The Spring 2016 publications have been printed and are being bound as I write this, and are due to mail next week. We intended to have these out in April, and we apologize for the delay. We believe it’s worth the wait, but we will strive to have the October publications ship on schedule!

I’ll be watching my mailbox eagerly for my print copies, but those who ordered electronic editions don’t have to wait any longer. The digital versions of the Spring 2016 Watsonian, The Adventure of the Doctor and the Duellist, and Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Blank Page are now available in the Shop. If you pre-ordered, you may now download your PDF document, and new purchases are available for instant download. If you experience any technical issues, please let me know!

2 Replies to “Watching the Mailbox”

  1. My copy came in today’s mail. I’m halfway through it and only a series of essential out-of-the-house errands prevented that from being all the way through. There’s always this evening, though….

    What a wonderful job and what a great selection of articles. High praise to the authors and the editorial and production staff!

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