Upon the Terrace for Sheila Holtgrieve, Our “Daisy”

The John H Watson Society sadly lost charter member Sheila ‘Daisy’ Holtgrieve this past week to intestinal cancer.

Sheila, a long-time member of the Sound of the Baskervilles of Seattle, joined the JHWS as part of the inaugural Treasure Hunt team from Seattle in 2013. An avid quiz taker and puzzle solver, she played an active part in each treasure hunt from then through 2019.

In addition to the JHWS and the SOBs, she was also a member of The Stormy Petrels of British Columbia, The Dogs in the Nighttime of Anacortes, WA, and The Sherlock Holmes Society of London. She read mysteries and Holmes pastiches daily and corresponded with Sherlockians in many parts of the country, sending many thank you notes and encouragement cards.

Sheila moved to Seattle in 2009 from California, after her retirement from Stanford University Medicine where she worked as an RN in the ICU for many years, and the death of her husband, Denis. She is survived by her son, daughter-in-law, twin 8-year-old grandchildren, a sister and brother-in-law, and a niece and nephew.

5 Replies to “Upon the Terrace for Sheila Holtgrieve, Our “Daisy””

  1. This is terrible news. I am so sad. She was a terrific quiz buff and her contribution to our common past-time is invaluable. She will be missed. 🙁

  2. Our Daisy was such a beautiful person to deal with by email. I will miss her cheerful and caring messages in answer to my questions.
    And her concern for me as a person. My Wife and I will pray for her loved ones. We were so lucky to have known her and to share in her life. Ron aka Chips

  3. Quiz buff, invaluable, beautiful, cheerful, caring— exactly the best words to describe Sheila. She was a wonderful friend to me. I am a bit lost at the moment without her.

    1. Dear Margie. Sheila often talked to me about you and your work together for the SOBs. She loved all of her Sherlock colleagues. As her older sister, I am devastated by her death, though I knew it was coming, and daily feel her loss. We were close friends as well as sisters throughout our lives together and we took trips together. I still can’t quite believe that she is gone and that I can no longer talk to her or see her. Love to you, Margie. Kathleen Dunn

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