Two Books by Kieran McMullen, JHWS “Raleigh”

5256352.jpgThe Many Watsons

by Kieran McMullen, JHWS “Raleigh”

Published by MX Publishing

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There is always a healthy interest in the actors who have played the role of the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. But Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also created the world’s best known sidekick, Dr. John H. Watson. The men and women who played the role of stalwart ally is quite an eclectic gathering. Here is compiled a listing and discussion of some of the best known people who have played the part of Watson from the earliest days of silent film to the action heroes of the 21st century. All royalties from this book go towards the Undershaw Preservation Trust.

3695551.jpgHolmes and Watson: The War Years

by Kiernan McMullen, JHWS “Raleigh”

Published by MX Publishing

Available from Amazon     $31.50

It was the time of Queen Victoria’s “Little Wars” and the “War to End All Wars”. It was also the time of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson. Watson, the man, would be formed by his experiences in the British “Second Afghan War”, before he ever met Sherlock Holmes in an adventure, he would record this experience as Watson’s Afghan Adventure, a tale of war and mystery. Later, Holmes and Watson would go on to not only share the problems of crime solving, Watson’s three marriages, a purported tragedy at Reichenbach, and Holmes’s return from the dead; they would also share two more wartime experiences.

In Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Boer Wagon, they are called on by Mycroft Holmes and the British government to go to the battleground of South Africa. Their mission is to stop the flow of army secrets to the Boers and try to recover a King’s ransom in gold. By the time of their third great wrtime adventure the two friends are retired, but Mycroft, and the government, need them once more as they are called on in Sherlock Holmes and the Irish Rebels.

Holmes and Watson had already foiled the plans of a German espionage ring at the start of the Great War in the tale Watson called “His Last Bow.” But it was not, in reality, Holmes’s last bow. Holmes and Watson are sent now to the little war within a war, the killing fields of Dublin in 1916 and the Irish Rebellion. Can they stop it? And can they stop the plans of a renegade member of the Dublin Metropolitan Police?  A special hardback edition including all three bestselling Sherlock Holmes novels from Kieran McMullen.


I just love Kieran McMullen’s books. I have read them all. Everything is so detailed oriented. I can’t believe the wealth of historical background he interjects in all his books. Mr. McMullen is truly an up & coming writer. Can’t wait for his next book.”
-Anne M

I have read all of Kieran’s books and can not wait to get the hardbound edition of
my 3 favorites! This is a MUST HAVE for my library!