Treasure Hunt Update: Tuesday Aug 13th

We are in the 13th day of the Treasure Hunt. A number of inquiries by participants have either been answered, clarified, or further frustrated by Buttons.

As of now, we have no final submissions. We know of a number of individuals and teams who are working away, but we have no one yet who has concluded the 100 questions.

The Treasure Hunt ends Monday, September 2, 2013 at 12 Noon Pacific Time.

We would love to hear from you if you are working on it and any feedback you would care to offer. Post comments or questions here.

5 Replies to “Treasure Hunt Update: Tuesday Aug 13th”

    1. Buttons, You will be receiving an entry from me.
      I tried these 2 questions previously, but got error messages.
      #77 – Would substituting the word ‘what’ for ‘whom’ be valid?
      #38 – Please clarify the question.

      1. First #38: It involves #37 as well. You must identify the stories in #37 as stated, then you must find–in one of those stories–the word “rustic”. With the story identified where “rustic” appears, you must research the scholarship for that story in order to answer #39.

        Question #77: Yes, “what” would be more valid than “whom.”

  1. I had planned on doing the Treasure Hunt, but haven’t due to time problems and (mostly) my inability to identify some key sources. Some books or specific editions were not in my library. My hat’s off to the master Sherlockians who solve all these questions!

    1. Having lost “Scottie” and “Dash,” Buttons is beginning to feel the error of his ways . . . Each of you are Quizzers of the First Water.

      It is difficult, but is not meant to be impossible . . . Like Holmes, Poirot and Morse, it is mostly rational brain work reflecting on what you already know.

      Buttons, having an abysmal memory, worked through to question 77 but got bogged down–and he wrote it! However, perseverance will prove victorious!

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