Treasure Hunt 2017: Results

My dear Watsonians,

it’s been very difficult to calculate the results of the Hunt. Not being “endowed by Nature with a phenomenal mathematical faculty” I had to check and re-check my calculations before I could be sure of the verdict. The results are:

Individual competition

The High Honors go to Michael M. Ellis, with an excellent 79.5 points out of 100. Honors go to Mark Doyle, who was able, for lack of time, to complete only part of the quiz (scoring an excellent % of correct answers on those which he actually submitted), with 46 points.

Team competition

This is what compelled me to exert all my attention and to rack my brain. We had three teams incredibly close, all three with a very high score.

The High Honors go to The Sound of the Baskervilles (Margie Deck, Sheila Holtgrieve, Lauren Messenger, Francis Bond) who scored 89 points out of 100 and won by a very close shave: the Honors go to An Experience of Canon (Beth Gallego, Paul Hartnett, Ron Lies, Rob Nunn) with 88.5 points out of 100. Third place and Honors for Uno Studio in Holmes (Vera Mazzotta, Marco Grassi, Stefano Guerra, Enrico Solito and Gianluca Salvatori) who scored 84.5 points out of 100.

There were many ingenious alternate answers and I had to consider them all carefully: most of them, I am happy to say, have been accepted as perfectly legitimate answers. The participants in many cases know more about the Canon than the Quiz Master!

Let me thank you again for participating and give you my apologies for the delay in announcing the results. Let me also thank those fellow Watsonians who, due to various reasons, were unable to compete in the Hunt but wrote giving me their support and their appreciation.

It’s been a great experience and an honor to act as Quiz Master. I hope you had fun and spent some pleasant hours of Watsonian/Holmesian fun. If I’ve been able to accomplish this, that’s the best reward one could hope for.

With my best Canonical regards,

Michele, JHWS “Reggie”

5 Replies to “Treasure Hunt 2017: Results”

  1. Hi ‘Reggie’:

    Thank you for all your hard work!

    The hunt was educational and fun. I send congrats to all the competitors for a job well done.

    Margie/ ‘Mopsy’

  2. Congratulations on all of your hard work, “Reggie”! You put together a truly challenging Treasure Hunt this year.

    And a hearty congratulations to everyone who participated!

  3. Thanks. 🙂 I have updated the scores for the individual competition. I got some figures wrong yesterday.

  4. Michele,
    I’ve set a couple of quizzes in my time, so I understand the work involved. A labour of love, perhaps, but a labour nevertheless. Much more fun answering the questions than trying to think of them! We appreciate your efforts and those of the other quiz masters at the Society.

  5. Michele,
    I had a grand time struggling through the Treasure Hunt! Your questions were challenging and devious! Let me join the others in thanking you for making this competition a wonderful experience.

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