Treasure Hunt 2017: Answers

Dear All,

the 2017 Hunt ends today. Here are the answers.
I have received very few submissions. I’m afraid that maybe I’ve made the questions too hard and this has perhaps dampened the participants’ enthusiasm? I don’t know. I’ll be glad of everyone’s feedback on this.
I must also say that I have received many creative alternative answers and some of them have been accepted. I will post soon a list, so you all can take a look at the imaginative approach that your fellow participants have used.
The Honors list will be posted within the next week, I hope.
I want to thank all of you and to apologize for every mistake, misunderstanding, or simply not entertaining enough question, that I’ve made. It was a first experience and a challenging one. I must say that I’ll be glad to revert to the role of contestant for the next edition!

JHWS Treasure Hunt 2017 questions and answers
JHWS Treasure Hunt 2017 questions and answers

10 Replies to “Treasure Hunt 2017: Answers”

  1. Ah Reggie–no apologies needed! I haven’t had my brain stretched like that in a long time and I enjoyed it. One upside of this hunt for me: I found an appreciation for VALL that I have not had before. Thank you for leading me there.

    As for you being a contestant again, I had already assumed you were Treasure Hunt Master for next year. ????

  2. Hello, Reggie,
    Many, many thanks for the TH you created. What a romp through the canon it was; and you gave us lots of opportunities to do research outside the canon but with a strong canonical connection. Margie and I stretched our brains and our canonical knowledge, as she said above. And, we had fun doing it and working with our team members Francis Bond in Singapore and Lauren Messenger here in Seattle who kept us going with great answers. Some are different than yours–that’s OK. It’s all playing the game. Many congratulations to you for a masterful 2017 hunt. Sheila H./Daisy

  3. Thank you so much, Reggie, for the fun we had and the curses we sent you (part of your duty!) and the satisfaction for the right answers and the anguish for those we couldn’t discover. A great work, thank you again. And you can became rich if you will sell all the five tons of orange seeds we prepared to you!!

  4. Thank you all. The results will be posted next week, because in these days I’m very busy with the forthcoming Holmesian meeting in Florence, Italy, for the 30th Anniversary of our Society.

  5. I’ve been three days in Florence, having fun with many Sherlockian friends from all over the world. Then back to work, with a hell of a backlog… but I promise that the results will be published in the week-end. 🙂

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