This JHWS meeting and the next

The June meeting of the John H. Watson Society today featured a lively discussion of John Watson’s childhood, which somehow took Watson from traveling via balloon to whether nannies counted as “experience of women,” a a lot of sideroads along the way. Would Paul Newman make a better Watson than a Holmes? And why was he in that convent with one of our members? How did you stop a monowheel? Did young Watson have toffee?

If you needed a reminder, which we failed to send, we’ll try better next time. What does “next time” mean? Our July meeting will feature a recognizable and colorful passage from the good Watson as read in as many different languages as our members can speak! Which passage will that be? We need suggestions!

What part of the Canon would you know even if it were in a language you don’t speak? What paragraph or dialogue is Watson at his best? Throw your suggestions in the comments and we’ll pick one a couple weeks in advance for our next meeting.

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  1. How about something from the opening to STUD? It’s about Watson, almost everyone (I’d say everyone in this group) knows it well, and it’s easy to locate if we want to follow along as it’s read in various languages.

    Roxie, who finds English about all she can manage

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