The Watsonians meet!

A big thank you to the twenty or so Watsonians who gathered via Zoom today, ranging from western North America all the way to Europe. The format was fairly loose, introductions, followed by toasts, spontaneous show-and-tell, then some nice poetry from four able pens to wind things down. Having seen a full range of Zoom meeting successes and maybe-not-such-successes, the courtesy and attentiveness of our Watsonians was especially notable. We are a very good group.

Now comes the big follow-up question: Do we do this on a regular basis? What do Watsonians do at an ongoing series of meetings? Talks? Games? Just socialize? Also, this one wasn’t recorded at all, just to be forgiving of our first time, but it does open up our podcasting possibilities.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and we’ll see what comes next in our grand Watsonian adventure!

Thanks again, Watsonians!
Bullpup Calder
a.k.a. Brad Keefauver

5 Replies to “The Watsonians meet!”

  1. I’d very much like to see this done again, every other month or quarterly, perhaps.

    If there’s going to be an agenda, posting it in advance would mean people like me could lug large framed needlepoints upstairs *before* the meeting begins if there’s a show and tell. (My Sherlockian stuff is all on another level from my computer.) We could also print out decent copies of toasts (you think it’s fun reading from a penciled draft copy?).


  2. Super fun meeting! Maybe an arts and crafts show and tell? Or a dramatic reading? Or puppets? Thanks, everyone!

  3. I’d love to meet again online. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I think socializing, games, short talks, show and tell of things and places we have visited related to the stories.

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