The Twelve Days of Watson, Our December 17 Meeting!

Yes, it’s time for a holiday party, and the John H. Watson Society’s meeting on Sunday, December 17th at noon Central Standard Time (and whatever that translates into for your personal time zone)) is going to be all that in a Watson-type celebration of the season!

You may have heard mention of caroling and holiday cards and thought, “It’s Zoom! That stuff doesn’t work well on Zoom!” But where there’s a Watson will there’s a Watson way!

If you have the skills to put together a PNG, JPEG, or PDF version of a “Compliments of the Season” card, we’ve got a chat to pass those out in. And caroling? Lucky for us there’s a holiday song that can be voiced (singing encouraged, but not required) by multiple people on a Zoom call and actually work. It’s called “The Twelve Days of Watson,” and so easy to do that we’ll learn it together at the meeting.

We know December 17th, the Sunday before Christmas, is going to be a busy day for a lot of folks, but if you’ve got ninety minutes to spare, here’s the registration link: