The Sherlock Holmes Miscellany


Prominent Sherlockians and Watsonians, Roger Johnson and Jean Upton, both members of our Society, have collected all of the facts, trivia, and quotes that remind readers why Sherlock Holmes is such an important literary creation. An essential reference work.

Exploring the fascinating and enigmatic world of Sherlock Holmes, this miscellany examines his place in literary history, his popularity, and how he has become the iconic, timeless character who is loved by millions. Along with facts, trivia, and quotes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary stories and the subsequent film and television adaptations, it also explores the often weird and wonderful characters who graced Conan Doyle’s pages, and explains the terms used in the original stories that might cause musing confusion to the modern reader. For example, “knocked up” had a considerably different meaning in the 19th century, and if you think a “life preserver” is a flotation device, how does Wilson Kemp fit one into the sleeve of his jacket? And, would you try to warm your hands with a Gasogene? All of these mysteries and more are included in this lighthearted and highly informative miscellany, offering something to both the dedicated Sherlockian and Watsonian and those new to the world of 221b Baker Street. Available from Amazon.


As a Sherlockian since the age of 7, and as a member of the Baker Street Irregulars, I enthusiastically recommend The Sherlock Holmes Miscellany by Roger Johnson and Jean Upton. Although small in size, this volume packs an encyclopedia of handy and fascinating knowledge. It will appeal equally to
veteran Sherlockians and those new to the genre.

The authors cover Sherlockian movies, books, radio shows, TV shows, plays, societies and more. They lay out the history of the whole Sherlockian fandom phenomenon. The book is replete with websites that provide more source material and contact with Sherlock Holmes “scions” (clubs). The Sherlock Holmes Miscellany is written with a light touch which makes for an easy and joyful read. It is just the kind of book to curl up with on a cold and dark night while fortifying oneself with a favorite libation. It is equally a book that the reader will turn to time and again to check on some obscure point of Sherlockian lore.

No self-respecting Sherlockian book collection should be without this invaluable volume.
-Alexian Gregory, JHWS “Byron,” BSI

This a great reference book. This volume brings together vast amounts of Sherlockian information that took me years to gather. It is presented in a easy to read user friendly style that kept me reading long after I was going to stop. I highly recommend this work.
-The Game is Afoot

This book is a real prize. It’s unusually informative, very well written, and amusing. No Holmes aficionado can afford not to read it and to keep it handy for reference. Also, it simplifies Christmas shopping and makes it more meaningful.
-Fred Edmiston.