The qualities of the perfect Watson

At the latest meeting of the John H. Watson Society, we decided the Worst Watson to date with a bracket tournament that reduced sixteen screen Watsons to a single Worst Watson. Who was voted the Worst Watson? It was definitely Dudley Moore from “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” who beat out Anthony O’Donnell in “Xango De Baker Street” in the final round. But in determining the worst of Watsons, the question was raised as to the best of Watsons.

How would we determine the best of Watsons? How do we reduce bias and perform the a more “scientific” determination of Watsonian quality than a silly bracket tournament or popularity contest? After some discussion, we decided that coming up with twenty characteristics of a true Dr. Watson that we could use to rate Watsons would be a great start. So what qualities? Display of friendship? Moustache? Wound carrying? Medical abilities? Verbal abilities of a writer?

In the comments below, we’re going to start collecting qualities in our initial efforts to build a matrix of perfect Watson qualities, based on the John H. Watson of the Original Canon. Let us know what qualities you think should be included in our search for the Best Watson Ever!

3 Replies to “The qualities of the perfect Watson”

  1. Loyalty, friendship with Holmes, other friendships (he really had a lot of them, given how little he talks about himself), patience with Holmes, loves excitement…..

  2. Bravery. Determination. Seeks justice. Addicted to excitement (with Holmes). A not always sensible fearlessness. Medical skills. Army experience. Storyteller.

  3. I think the qualities of the perfect Watson would be a combination of Medical skills, bravery, always seeking for justice, patience, excitement but most of all a certain level of humanity that helps keep his friend Sherlock Holmes grounded.

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