The Monograph Mails Today: “Coin of the Conanical Realm”

Buttons has just returned from the Wigmore Street Post Office where he posted the monograph “Coin of the Canonical Realm” to all who ordered a copy. The printer shipped to the Drs office on time, but weather and the Christmas bustle seems to have delayed delivery from New Jersey to California until 31 December. But, all is well!  You should all receive your copies in 7 to 10 days, a bit longer for our European and Far East members.

Thank you very much indeed to all who purchased a copy of this fascinating and exceedingly detailed and well-researched monograph by Nicholas Utechin “Rex.”  The design and editing by our Editor, Dr Joanne Yates, is superb. This will be a monograph of historical canonical note.

There are still a few copies remaining. Please see the Society Publications page to order a copy.


3 Replies to “The Monograph Mails Today: “Coin of the Conanical Realm””

  1. Just got my copy! Beautifully produced & a nice treat on a BITTERLY cold day. Thank you for this most interesting & useful monograph. First of many, I hope!

    1. Dear “Sherry”

      Thank you for your gracious comment. I am sure that I speak for Mr Utechin “Rex” and Dr Joanne Yates “Sandy,” the author and editor respectively, when I express appreciation for your kind words.

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