The Great Watson Debate — Our May Meeting!

The Best Watson Up For Battle!

The greatest Watson?

For the May meeting of the John H. Watson Society at high noon (CST) on Sunday, May 26th, The Great Memorial Day Weekend Watson Debate will be our main event. And when we say “main event,” we mean Main Event!

As most of you know, our humble meeting host has a great and honest affection for a particular portrayal of John H. Watson (pictured above) and is challenging all comers to try to take the crown of World’s Greatest Watson Portrayal from that Watson. Debaters will have three minutes (and ONLY three minutes, after which time a horn will sound, ending their time) to present a case for their candidate of choice. Only positive cases for a chosen Watson will be allowed, and any negative statements about any other Watson will result in immediate disqualification. What makes a great Watson? Can those qualities be put into words? Can you convince a jury of your peers that your favorite Watson is, indeed, better than the actor known as the best John Watson in any theatrical film from 2018?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only three minutes per Watson will be allowed to keep this competition fair. Multiple debaters choosing the same Watson will be forced to share the same three minutes.

Somebody better show up to make a case for their Watson, or the one candidate already entered will walk away for with the title as easily as he dealt with “Brawn” in his famous Fumbles Gymnasium match. So BRING IT ON!

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