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Welcome to the Quiz Page!

Each day, one of our Watsonians will ask a question for the members to answer, discuss, refute, or otherwise ruminate on, as we further the knowledge and scholarship of the writings of Dr Watson.

Any and all members may simply click on “Comments” and add their questions, answers or contribution to what can be an enjoyable daily exploration of any number of topics. Remember how much fun “Word Power” was in the Reader’s Digest?  Well, Quiz Page can be even more fun because we all have an interest in the same topics. But, it begins with you, the interested and supportive member of The John H Watson Society. We can all have some fun and participate for a few minutes each day, or we can just be a “journal” society (which we are already). Let us commit to being both; after all, John H. Watson was a man of action and intellect.

So, please… please… please… come here often and think of the many unanswered questions you have about Dr Watson, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, or any of the vast catalogue of characters who inhabit the greatest canon of literature ever known.

The first question is posted by the boy in buttons who is seen above in the illustration. His question: “Who are the people in the illustration and what story are they featured in and what is taking place in the scene?

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  1. Ahh, so let us bring our reasoning to bear. We have a lady in distress (what other reason would she come to 221B?) Her dress, with a generous bustle, fur lined neck piece, and hand muff, might signify wealth. Then there is a buttons/pageboy in employ, and what appears to be a mature Holmes. Could this possibly be a rendition of some visitation from one of Holmes’ later adventures when he might have been a bit more established? (This may, however, run against the idea that “Buttons” had matured into a more relied-upon character in Holmes’ later years?)

  2. The boy in buttons is showing in Mary Sutherland; Holmes awaits her. The plush trim on her dress and the broad-brimmed l00ks-like-straw-to-me hat are what sold me on the ID.

    1. Excellent deductions, “Roxie” . . . Thank you.

      Do we agree? Is there definitive proof yet? Any other options to be put forth?

  3. Inspired by Russel Clark’s fine sea stories, Watson is trying his hand at sketching out a dockside scene: “the boy in buttons entered to announce Miss Mary Sutherland, while the lady herself loomed behind his small black figure like a full-sailed merchantman behind a tiny pilot boat.” One of the rare examples of Watson’s ungallant behavior.

    1. Thank you, James. Interesting slant on Russel Clark and Watson’s use of language

  4. This story has me wondering why Mary had on a straw hat and a heavy fur boa as they belong to two different seasons. And who is riding horses as Holmes can lay his hands on a hunting crop at once. Does Watson ride horses as well a bet on them?

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